Monday, October 12, 2015

Expect the Unexpected

It's a phrase we've all heard before...expect the unexpected. Sometimes it means something good will happen or come to you. Other times, not so much.

Like today.

When I got to work.

And found out that one of our students had died this weekend.

That's certainly unexpected. And not the good unexpected. The unimaginable unexpected. That's what that is.

I know the family a bit. I did gymnastics with the mom way back in the day. I was stuck at her house the night of the Halloween Blizzard. But after gymnastics we lost touch. One day our family was grabbing some pizza and I ran into the mom at the restaurant. She was there with her sweet family and her kids who weren't old enough for school. Then I found out they would be at the school I teach at. Lucky me! Fingers crossed I would be able to have one of her children in my class. Not to be, but I still see her lots through the year.

And then today. I had just seen her daughter playing soccer on Saturday. I talked to the mom. I talked with the grandma. And then yesterday happened. And she isn't here anymore.

It was a boating accident. Carbon monoxide poisoning. We boat. We love the lake. That would never cross my mind. Drowning-maybe. A crowded lake and a boat crash-highly unlikely but possible. But this? Never.

It's the unexpected.

I feel so for the family. I have been praying all day long, it seems. I'm not sure what I can or should pray for, but peace and comfort, which all seems impossible right now.

The unexpected certainly puts things into perspective. Unfortunately. It makes you hug your kids tighter. It makes you want to be around them longer. It makes the early bedtimes and the raising of voices seem like they don't matter. Unfortunately. But all of those extra hugs and deep breaths that come in being a parent are things I will do today.

Expect the unexpected.

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