Sunday, March 20, 2011


C: Mommy, I'm afraid to lay down (during rest time).
Me: Why?
C: Because. I'm afraid I might mess up my hair-done.
Me: (internally thinking, 'Hair-done?' then realizing what he means) Hair-done? Do you mean hair-do?
C: Yeah, hair-do.
Me: will be ok, Buddy! Don't worry about it. Just lay down to take a little rest.
C: Ok, Mommy!
Have you had a new hair-done lately?

...carnival post to follow-will explain the face paint!


  1. Great story-those little ones can make us laugh & giggle & just be happy. Thanks for telling!

  2. Very cute faces--am looking forward to the post about the carnival. I can see that carnivals are a LOT more fun than when I was a kid--cotton candy was about the most unique thing there!