Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Upon filling out a Secret Valentine information sheet at school, I came across the question about favorite hobbies. Hmmm...hobbies? I'm not sure I have hobbies other than shopping and eating, outside of being with my family, of course. My friend, Stacy, was sitting with me and she said, "Gardening!" So yes, one of my passions is gardening, and along with gardening comes FLOWERS! That's what we saw Monday.
We went to the Macy's Flower Show downtown and saw towers of flowers...literally! The towers of flowers were enough to help C make some connections: "Mommy, that one looks like Rapunzel's tower!" Yes, towers like that were all around us in various shapes and forms.
We got off the "excalator" and could smell the flowers already. Hyacinth were the first ones I smelled-one of my favorites. We walked past the first displays of flowers, going down a darkened hallway filled with pictures of butterflies, bees and other bugs, leading us to the sweet smelling 8th floor auditorium. A chill came over me as we entered, and I immediately regretted leaving my coat in the car, but soon forgot about that as I looked at and smelled the FLOWERS! Yes!
The tulips were some of my favorites-A's favorites too. But my very favorites were the wild lavender freesia. Mmmm. They remind me of our wedding day because that's what the guys had for their boutonnieres.
C's favorites were some exotic red flower that would never grow here, but I think I've seen before as a house plant. We all "touched with our noses" instead of our hands.
I cannot wait for spring to come, for the snow to melt away, and for planting season to be here. Realistically, I probably have a good 7 weeks before I can start thinking about planting. Until then, things like this flower show, the home and garden show and walking through our local flower shops will have to do! Ideas, ideas and more ideas!


  1. Flower shows are very therapeutic for those who have been snowbound for many months. They bridge the time between snow melting and warm enough weather to actually go out and plant something. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time. Thanks for the photos...they made me smile.

  2. Wow, that looks like quiet a showing...stunning. Ah, what I would do to smell those fragrant flowers. Spring, hurry up and get here soon.