Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Cricket in Times Square

We have begun a read aloud as a family: The Cricket in Times Square. Honestly, I haven't read it before. Crazy, right? I know. This is the first chapter book we're reading to our kids and so far I think they like it. They're not too thrilled with the fact that there aren't so many pictures in it, but they like the story and love the animals in the book. I love reading it with/to them because it's fun for me as the teacher to see how they respond to stories. Like tonight when we were reading...A was trying to figure out how much time had passed and she asked me to look back in the book. (Yea! Look back and re-read! Good strategy!) At the end of the chapter I asked them what they thought they would find next. C said a cricket and A thought the cat. Both good predictions! I love watching their faces as they think about what they're hearing. I also love talking to them about the book while we're reading and after we've read. I hope the things we're doing now will instill a love for reading as they grow up!


  1. How exciting to begin a new type of reading experience with your family! I have seen this book on so many lists and have heard others talk about it but I haven't read it either.

  2. I imagine you are instilling a love for books in so many ways at your home. What a gift for your children.

  3. What a nice thing for you to do. I loved reading to my kids, & now my grandkids. It is a special time. There is a blog that I read called "The Reading Zone" that is just lately talking about the value of sharing books. Check it out!