Sunday, March 13, 2011

Double Playdate

Friday night is movie night at our house. I've written about that before, but this Friday was a bit different. A & C both had a friend over. The thing about 4 year olds is that parents are the ones that usually arrange the playdates, sometimes without the kids even knowing! That's what happened Friday-our kids didn't even know until the day before!
So each of the kids had one of their friends from their first preschool. Both great kids. They played, had pizza and watched A Bugs Life. All in all a great night!
I think back to my earliest friends and can't remember any from preschool, but I do remember a kindergarten friend-Rachel, and a longtime friend from elementary school-Courtney. It's interesting to think that these friends that were over today could be around for a long time. I wonder if the kids will remember back to now-when they were 4? As a mom I already worry about their friendships-how do they treat their friends? Will they have friends? Do the kids like them? Hopefully these are all normal things to think and wonder as a parent. I'm sure they are.

No matter with my wondering or not, the kids had a great time-the girls did their girl thing and the boys did their boy thing.
Can't wait for the next playdate to come!

(And as a side note-when did they start being called playdates? When we were little it was just, "Do you want to come over?" or "Can you play?" Anyway...)


  1. I enjoyed your adorable photos. I like your connection to your children's "play date" to back when you were their age -- and what you remember.

  2. The pictures added so much. How adorable! I remember when I first heard the term play date. It makes sense, but I'm like you remembering just having a friend over. Now with teenagers, you have slumber parties. Each stage is fun. Glad you are capturing the moment. I ditto what Nora said about your connection. Enjoyed your post. :)MaryHelen