Thursday, March 17, 2011

On My Heart

Today I thought I would write about what's on my heart. That doesn't happen a lot because it seems like I try to find the perfect thing to write about sometimes. I think to myself, "What would be the most interesting thing? What photo could I put with this post? What do I want to remember?" Well, sometimes those things pale in comparison to what's on my heart-especially tonight.

See, we have some friends who lost their baby last Friday. Born too heaven now, which is a good place to be, but obviously hard because we would rather him be here. Then there's another tragedy that happened in our area with a 2 year old who lost his life in a drowning accident. The memorial for that little one happens tomorrow. I don't know the family at all, but there are little connections all around, giving me that tugging-at-my-heart feeling like I want to do something for them. But I don't know what. Pray I suppose. And...then there's a family we've come to know through our kids who are coming up on the anniversary of their daughter's death. How do they all make it through the day? The week? The moments? What's on my heart tonight is those families.

It puts things in perspective.

It brings these two and puts them right smack-dab in the middle of my heart.
(A & C 2 months)
And this guy too.
And these two again.
And I realize just how lucky we are. How the little things like when the kids won't pick up or when I can't find something I think I need pale in comparison to what life could be like. How I should thank God for what we have and what we're able to do. How everyone else should be as lucky as we are to have this lady around
for (what now I can look back on and realize is) a second chance at life. How the little things like kid-drawn pictures and hugs from C that bowl me over mean the world to me. Why does it take a week like this for me to see things through this kind of lens?

These are the things that are on my heart tonight.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for writing from your heart. Your little ones are delightful. Your mom is precious. Love the smack-dab in my heart. They are wonderful aren't they. Enjoy your moments and lavish them with love. MaryHelen

  2. Such a moving slice. You have a beautiful family. I don't need to tell you to savor all that is smack-dab in your heart...the days do fly by! ~Theresa, a mom who has fond memories of the good ol'days