Monday, March 14, 2011

I Covet Comments

As I participate in writing these slices every day, I find myself so looking forward to my comments section. I know there are (some) people reading my blog. I know people were reading it before I started in this challenge (thanks friends and family!), but not many people commented. Comments are "like gold." I feel like I have to quote that because I read it somewhere. Not sure where, but I'm sure they aren't my original words. Anyway, I started thinking about commenting after reading this and thinking about how I comment. That particular blog is one I have now gone back to and read through again because I like the flow of it, I like the ease of reading it and it seems like that writer and I have a similar voice. Is that why people might read my blog? I'm not sure.

No matter your reasons for reading, my reasons for reading, or writing for that matter, I have realized how much I covet comments. Is that a bad thing-to covet comments? I suppose there could be worse things to shoes. I do covet my friend, Lisa's shoes. But that's another slice!


  1. I don't think it's a bad thing at all. It's always interesting to see if someone is actually out there reading. Enjoy each one you get! :)

  2. I think a lot of us are finding that comments energize us. It's pretty affirming to hear even a couple of words from someone you don't know. One of the interesting things to me is the timing of comments. Early day slicers often have at least a couple, but the late night people often don't or have fewer. I'm wondering if it's because by the time the early folks log on, they are reading/commenting on the new day's slices. I know that I often forget to go back to see what was posted after I was in bed.

  3. Comments are the best!!! When I first began blogging, I received a comment here or there. The thoughts were special. I appreciated the fact that someone was taking the time to reflect and/or connect with what I had said. I want to grow as a writer. Comments help. I make it a point to write something on the posts I read, because I know how much it motivates me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Ohh - and the shoes thought - I'll be looking for that post. :)MaryHelen