Friday, March 11, 2011


That's short for California Pizza Kitchen. Our kids went on a field trip there yesterday with their pre-K class. They got a tour of the kitchen, got to make their own pizzas and saw where everything happens. Their very favorite thing? Screaming as loud as they could while standing in the refrigerator! They even demonstrated in the video below:

Field Trip from Kim on Vimeo.
I love that their class goes on so many field trips. They love every place they go, no matter where it is! It doesn't hurt, either, when they get food while they're there...especially pizza!

...I had to add one more piece to this post. Part of why I included the video was for their voices. And the word California. Or Calnifornya. Whichever way you might say it. There are just some words that the kids say that I wish I had an audio version of and in this case, I got it!


  1. How much fun was that! Sign me up for the next CPK field trip.

  2. Californya was good but i love the way your daughter says pizza even more (I am guessing shs really likes it). Those field trips will be a foundation for so many things your kids encounter in life. Think of all the background knowledge they are gaining while having a wonderful time.