Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was trying to come up with my "write for a bit about anything" topic and was struggling. So I went to the Slice of Life blog where I'm posting all of these posts for the month of March and came across Michelle's post about Saturdays. I was inspired! So, here is my list for what I love best about Saturdays (at this point in the year):

knowing I get to sleep until 7:00
knowing I can stay in bed until 8:00 if I choose (thanks to the kids being able to play with each other, with the occasional, "Look what I drew, Mommy!" in between)
cinnamon rolls-thanks, J!
KARE-11's morning news program
college basketball-too bad the Gophers have been losing
PJ's until 10:00
cozy clothes
no shower (the truth is out!)
afternoon naps-only if the kids days are definitely numbered here!
lunch or dinner out
family outing to...(fill in the blank; I can't stay put for long on a weekend)
perhaps a glass of wine
maybe a date night with J to a favorite restaurant

Saturdays aren't such a bad day, really. They do go by so very fast! That's why I love each and every one!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Seems like each item on your list has the potential for many stories.

  2. very fast! I've got to get to bed and hopefully make Sunday a slow day!

  3. I hope you are enjoying blogging--I was scared to try, nervous the first few posts, and am now loving it!
    Completely enjoyed reading your Saturday list.

  4. Love it! And, yes, that it was I tell my students at school --borrowing an idea is the best compliment you can get! I'm so glad that you were inspired and hope that we can all continue to inspire each other! My favorite part: no shower! I've had many a Saturdays where I either skipped or somehow missed out on that too!

    Thanks for sharing!