Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 Wishes

I'm not even sure how this all started, but those make for the best stories, right? That's because in 10 years  next week I'll look at this and wonder, "What were we talking about?!" Which, I'm already doing because I cannot remember the conversation except for the fact that I have a sticky note with what the kids said to me.

We were eating dinner around Valentine's Day and someone rubbed their belly.
Me: "Oh! It's like you're a genie!"
C: "What's a genie?"
A: "Like on Aladdin?"
C: "Oh, the blue guy who grants wishes."
A: "Right."
Me: "A genie comes out of a magic lamp after you rub it three times. Then he grants you 3 wishes. What would you wish for if we had a genie?"
A: "Are genies real?"
Me: "Well, no, but if they were, what would you wish for?"
C: "I would wish to be a race car driver. I would want 100 cakes. My last wish would be to have a big valentine heart and put it in my heart with God."
disclaimer: I seriously did not say anything to prompt that last wish. REALLY!! I didn't. That's what I love about 4 year olds...you never know what they are going to say, when they're going to say it or how they're going to say it.
A: "I would wish to marry a prince. I want to be an artist. I also want to love everybody. But wait, can't I have 4 wishes?"
Me: "No, you only get 3. That's how a genie works. No more than that."
A: "Ok, well...but Mommy, you love me, don't you?"
Me: "Yes, A, I love you so much. But you still can't have another wish."
A: "Well, who's the genie?"

And that's about how the discussion ended. I jotted down their wishes that night because I knew I would want to write about it someday. I just didn't know when that would be. These conversations-as "day in and day out" as they seem, and the little slices I hold on to. I love my kids so much, and love that I can look back and these moments and know what happened that night. It was a regular dinner, but such a fun conversation. What would you wish for if you had 3 wishes? Hmmm??


  1. Children have a beautiful way of thinking. I love that you scribbled their thoughts down to capture the moment. They do say the funnest things. As a mother of teenagers, it's a car ride that seems to capture the most fun thoughts. Love your disclaimer. A friend's 4 year old said, "I wish I could climb into my heart to see Jesus, (pause) but that would feel slimy." :)MaryHelen

  2. I just adore this. I wish that I was better at writing down the things my boys say. They would make amazing picture books...just like your story!