Sunday, March 25, 2012

Waiting for the ice

 It was just another day at the beautiful lake frozen lake.
A perfect 80 degree day to sit by the lake and listen to the waves lap up on the shore ice cracking, trying to melt and make way for a place to fish and swim.
A perfect day to enjoy a juice box by the shore and watch the ducks swim around eagles fly around and land on the ice.
A perfect day to walk along the shore in-between the blooming flowers winter ridden remains of plants.
A perfect day to throw rocks in the water and watch the huge splash on the ice and try to break it apart.
A perfect day to be a sweet five year old; balancing, smiling, watching, throwing...waiting for the ice to melt. 

**The ice went off the lake the very next day!**


  1. Love the contrast between her outfit and the words - I can just hear it - but it is sunny outside so I don't need a coat or shoes.

  2. What a spectrum to envision - no coat, frozen water; flip flops, no waves - I loved how you wrote what you wanted/would expect to see, and left it, lined out, with replaced words that seemed to be out of place, but weren't.

  3. I can actually see this as a little book. With the visible editing.