Thursday, March 15, 2012

6 word stories

I am inspired by my husband and his 6 word stories he posted yesterday. It's late and seems like a good place to start. Hopefully it'll give you a little insight to my day today. Enjoy!

New technology all morning is overwhelming.
Sunshine makes me smile after school.
Bike riding down ally all afternoon.
Eating malts before dinner; nothing better.
Basketball players try hard to win.

What is your 6 word story for today?


  1. Fun! I'll have to try your six word stories sometime!

  2. What a great idea to try a number of those small stories! Let's see... How about--Tasks plus running equals tired teacher? Thanks for coming by my post too!

  3. Ready for the weekend's great weather!
    Gotta be better than yesterday's storms. :)


  4. ooh, I like that idea! Let's see...

    boisterous students excited for week off
    sun happily peeking through my window
    so relieved for finally a break

    Thanks for a fun new style!

  5. I love a good 6 word story. Concise and poetic. Very fun!

  6. Great idea! I will have to use this idea with my students and also in my slicing!