Friday, March 23, 2012

Field Trip Day...through their eyes

Where is she? Where is she? I know she's coming. Just just got me on the bus this morning. I know she's coming along on the field trip. But I don't see her. I'll check the hallway one more time. Nope. Still not here. Again...nope. Where is she? Mommy! You're finally here! I was so worried you weren't coming. I mean I knew you were coming, but I didn't see you and I was worried. I know I'm supposed to be all boy and not worry about things like that, but I do. I'm the worrier of the two of us...A doesn't worry quite as much.
Mommy! Will you sit by me on the bus?! I hope you do. Hold my hand. Ok, shut the door. We don't want anyone in our classroom while we're gone. Did you see the birds right up there? They're making a nest right outside this door. Watch out for them. Maybe there will be babies soon. 
Hi Mommy! I was wondering where you and A were. I saved us a spot, right here on the bus. I love riding the bus with you. I'm going to rest my head on your shoulder the whole way there. Did you see my friend sitting right in front of us? And that's another one of my friends. Remember? And behind us are more of my friends. I'm glad you get to meet them.
Mommy, are you going to be in our group when we get to the Nature Center? I hope so. I think Lydia is in our group too. Here mom is right up there. Did you see her? We're here! We're finally here! That was the longest bus ride ever (5 minutes). 
Good thing we wore our rain boots today, Mommy. It's pretty muddy. Do you see that goose over there? That's a living thing. But this dock we're on, it's non-living. And the metal wire right here? That was never living. Ooo! I see a dead fish! Mom! Ashton and I see a dead fish in the water. Do you see it? It was once living, but isn't anymore. So now it's non-living. 
Look! I found a snail shell! It's non-living. But was the snail inside of it living? I found it right here. I almost dropped it in the water, but I didn't. Can I bring it home? Why? But I really want to. Pu-leeez? Why? Oh, alright. I found it right here on the post. No! You can't bring it home. Because my mom said you have to leave it here.
No, I don't remember being here with you, Mommy. When did we come? Do we have pictures of us being here? I'll have to look at them. I'm going to hold your hand again. Because I love you. So much.
Wait! Wait for me! I'm trying to catch up. Look at this stick! I want to hold the worm. Who has the worm? I want to hold it!'s slimy. And wiggly. Here, Lydia. You hold it. This tree is decomposing. It's pretty big! It's raining. I'm hungry. Do you have any food? When is lunch? Where are we eating lunch?
Did you see the little baby turtle, Mommy? It was just this big. Like a quarter. It was only 2 days old! Did you know the 5 year old turtle was the same age as me? Did you know it was a girl turtle because it had a smooth tummy?
Mommy, are you staying for lunch? Oh. I know, but I thought you were staying. That's ok though. I'll sit with my friends. Thank you, Mommy, for coming on the field trip with us. I loved having you with us. I wish you could spend the whole day with us at school. See you when we get home!



  1. Looks like a great day was had by all. Loved the photos you included.

  2. viewing life through another's eyes changes our perceptions...thanks for sharing

  3. You really captured their voices! I love the echo of "Mommy" it's really a beautiful sound.

  4. Soo sweet! A day to savor and remember!

  5. I love how you captured what sounded like so much inner dialogue. Like any little boy, lots going on around him, distracted by every new image, and verbalizing all the things he thinks about.

  6. You did a great job of capturing your little boy's voice. Great slice.