Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kindergarten Drama

I'm not ready for this. Really. I'm not. Where was this in the parenting book? I think I missed it. Drama. The 5-year-old type. And yes, I know, it is all just beginning. But I'm still not ready.

This week we have had some kindergarten drama in our house. Times 2.

Drama with girls-I was prepared for this and knew it would happen sooner or later. But I was prepared for later. It's the whole, "She called me this. I tried to do this but she wouldn't listen to me. But I didn't try to do that-it just happened!" Drama.

Drama with boys...a bit different. This drama is about doing what is cool or what your friends are telling you to do. "Say this word. Do this with your finger. I order you do try this." Drama, boy-style.

I know some of this comes with being a kid. I get it. Your kids get exposed to new things they never see or hear at home. I'm not going to shelter them from EVERYTHING...but I'll try! No, but really, it's kind of a reality check to hear A & C say the things they learn or see at school. Some kids have different boundaries at home than we do. I expect that.

As a parents our only hope is that we have given them the tools to use in order to make good decisions when they are away from us. Right now they are being tested. What do they give in to? What do they say to stand up for themselves? Who can they trust? All really difficult questions to answer when you're by yourself as a 5 year old.

And this is just the beginning. Lord, please give me the strength to get through these next few 13 I don't know how many years. Amen!


  1. Great slice. You have captured both the joy and frustration of watching the drama unfold. You're writing paints a vivid portrait.

  2. Yes, this is the journey called parenthood. Buckle your seatbelt. You're in for a great ride, especially if you keep your perspective. Talk it out, laugh it out, and know that "this too shall pass", only to be replaced with the next, new, not ready for it, stage. And most of all, enjoy it!

  3. Yes, drama! It is hard to accept the trials your children are put through sometimes! Even though we desire to protect them, sometimes they become stronger and learn from the will be ok!

  4. Oh,I pray for you and your children. For strength for you and for them.
    Besides that I love your sentences. Your speak so clearly in your writing. Short crisp sentences. "All really difficult questions to answer when you're by yourself as a 5 year old." The photographs of your family are wonderful. I think I will have to read a few more :)