Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lake Parriet and ice cream

Or, Lake Harriet. Depends on who you ask. If you ask our kids they generally give you an answer that sounds like Lake Period. Well, we set that straight the other day when it was 62 degrees here. In March. That's big news when you live in these parts. I even took a picture for proof:
We were on our way past Lake Harriet, going to my favorite ice cream spot in the city...
But we kept them guessing on our way, as we didn't tell them where we were going!
"Mommy! Are we going to Lake Superior?"
"Nope. Too far away."
"I know!  We're going to an indoor swimming pool. Right?"
"Did you bring your swimsuit? Nope."
drive a little further...
"I know!! We're going to that ice cream shop!! I forget what it's called."
"You're right! Here we are!"
Joy in their voices; smiles on their faces; bounding out of the car; ready for some ice cream. I should already know my children by now-about as predictable with ice cream as I am. When presented with 20 different choices, they inevitably chose Oreo; their go-to favorite here.
We headed outside to eat because it was just that nice! I forgot about the little things kids notice when you go outside for the first time in the spring. Birds. Birds were all around us trying to get little bits of our cone as they fell off we ate the cones all up. A took her turn chasing the birds all around the sidewalk, tweeting at them and flapping her arms while she ran. C just looked at her with that I-can't-believe-that-is-my-sister look on his face.
I have to admit, getting ice cream with my family is one of my favorite things to do. I know you're all really surprised. Or not. Perhaps it's because ice cream is my favorite treat. Perhaps it's because I love being with my kids and J. Or perhaps it's a combination of both. In fact I know it is. I love spring and I love those "first time" spring things like getting ice cream after school...AND before dinner!


  1. Gotta love it! I'm so with you about ice cream! I enjoyed the anticipation and surprise. What a great day, and lots of memories for all of you. Thank you for 'sharing' your day.

  2. I think ice cream should always be eaten before dinner. :) And 62 degrees is big news where I live too except our winter this year was crazy warm. Love the pics.