Sunday, March 11, 2012

A garden in our driveway

"Oh Mommy, will you come outside with me to do chalk?"
"Sure! What would you like to draw?"
"Ummm...a garden! I want to turn the whole driveway into a garden."
"The whole thing?"
"Yup. The whole thing."
"Well, we can try."

--trots outside--

"See. We can make this the sky (draws the sky at one end of the driveway). And then the garden can be down here (goes to the other end of the driveway)."
"Can I draw birds and butterflies too?"
"Oh sure. Good idea, Mommy. What color is the bird going to be?"
"Well, how about blue?"
"Ok, but it'll have a purple head. Is that ok?"
"Of course."

There is now a garden growing on the driveway.
And birds and butterflies flying together through the sky.
And our family portrait is just outside our door. In the perfect of places.
Thank goodness spring is starting to show its face around here!

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