Monday, March 19, 2012

Another first

Just when you think you've had all of the "firsts" a kid could have, another one comes along. This time it was a first with a friend.

In our neighborhood there aren't many kids are lots of kids, just not on our block. When you're five, the block is about the only place you can go. Living where we live (square city blocks), it's a bit daunting to send your 5 year olds down the street to the next block. I'm not ready for that yet (will I ever be?). So really, there are no kids on our block that go to school with our kids. But, on the ally we share with the next block over, there is one kid who has been playing with our kids since they were 2 or 3. His name is Timothy. I always thought it was a bit odd that a kid 5 years older than ours would want to play with A & C. I get it now. He doesn't have anyone else to play with either! Because of the nice weather, our kids have been out and he comes around to see what they're up to. Play time ensues and I couldn't be happier. Like yesterday.

We got home from church and the kids went outside immediately. Why wouldn't you on an 80 degree day?! (The average here is 40 for this time of year...CRAZY!) Hooting and hollering with each other, riding their bikes up and down the ally, drawing pictures on the driveway...and here comes Timothy.

"Hi, Timothy! Want to ride bikes?"

That "sure" turned into 5 hours of non-stop playing between A, C & Timothy. Love it! They rode bikes, hitched up the wagon to Timothy's bike, played catch in the backyard, played on the swing set, rode bikes some more, played soccer, had a popsicle, rode bikes around the block (are you sensing a theme here?), changed into tank tops, played with balls while on the swing set, played with Moon Sand and rode bikes some more. Whew! Are you tired? Because I am. Kids have more energy...and I only wish I had half as much as they did!

We took a little field trip to Dairy Queen in-between all of the playing...
I'm so thankful our kids had this kind of a day. That's what being a kid is all about-disappearing outside to play with friends. C got into the car this morning and said, "Mommy? Yesterday was the best day in my whole life! You know why? Because we got to play with a neighbor for the entire day! The whole day! It was like he was a part of our family. Wasn't it fun, A?" And that, my friends, is "from the mouths of babes." I hope you have the best day ever sometime soon when you get to play with a friend for the entire day!

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