Wednesday, March 14, 2012


...Funny what you find "in the archives" when you go back to look at posts you started on but never finished. Has that ever happened to you? It just did for me and I found 17 unfinished posts! It goes back to me wanting my writing to be perfect with all of the right pictures to tell the story. I hope you enjoy this post, started last June, of my son and his t-ball experience!
Batting helmet on? Bat in hand? Standing by the "T?" Eye on the ball? (Standing a bit to close to the t, but that's ok...just looking for coaches help.) Ready? Swing! Run, C, run! Ok, he made it. Next batter. The ball is hit. C runs still stands on the base looking at who-knows-what. Kid steps on the base with him. Run, C, run! He made it to second. Same routine for getting to third and finally to home. But, if you're the last batter that inning, where every single person on the team bats, you get to run a home run! C got to do that this week and he knew just what to do!

It's been a lot of fun watching C play t-ball this year. By chance he had two of his friends from school on his team, too! One of his very good friends at that! He's learned how to throw the ball, run the bases, play different positions-his favorites being pitcher and first base because he got to throw the ball a lot and catcher, too, because of the equipment he got to wear. We hope you enjoy this look at C during his first year in t-ball.

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  1. Very fun! My son started t-ball last year too. I couldn't help but giggle when all the kids ran to the ball and pounced on it. Enjoy the chaos while you can. So fun!

  2. Great way to remember long evenings at the ball field...I really do miss those day...!