Friday, March 2, 2012

High School Basketball Game

dribbling, passing, playing
run, jump, score,

students, parents, kiddos
popcorn, basketballs, candy

when did those crazy high school kids decide to write on their chests?
why do they stand the entire game?
where were they when we were in high school?

old teachers, new players, old friends
new scoreboard, old bleachers, new fans

used to play (J)
used to cheer (me)
now plays (A & (mostly) C)

will we be those parents cheering from the side every friday night?
will A or C be the ones playing? 
will i be waiting in the lobby for one of them to come out of the locker room?
...we'll see...

1 comment:

  1. Love that middle question about 'when did they start writing on their chests?' Isn't it a surprise every time you go to a high school event? Times change, always. Thanks for sharing that part, then moving into the future-maybe.