Monday, March 12, 2012


Embarking on a writing challenge like this one during the month of March is just that: a challenge. I like a challenge. Especially one that benefits me in the long run. Not really visibly on the outside to anyone else, but internally it benefits me. Why? Because I get to reflect. On big things. On little things. On life. On my kids. On my husband. On anything.

My favorite to reflect on? The little things. Why? Because we NEVER get to take the time to do that. Ever. Think about it! When was the last time you thought about what went into sidewalk art? What you had for breakfast? Being sick? Right. Not very often.

I'm not saying that I really want to write about the everyday things every day. Don't get me wrong. I love writing about the big things. I love writing about the exciting things. I love writing about the really good things in life. But here's the problem: with me, that kind of writing has to be "perfect."

That's the challenge for me. To not make all of my writing "perfect." I know there are many people who blog the day before or days before or maybe even work on a post weeks ahead of time, but I'm not that kind of writer. I never really have been. So for me, it is hard to get something written when I know it might not carry the voice or message that I want it to. That's why sometimes (not this month) I end up not writing a post for a week or more.

The biggest downside to this for me is that when there is a big thing that has happened in life like Christmas, a big family trip, or a wedding, I don't always write like I hope to. For example, I've written about our trip to Disney World but I haven't written about the entire trip-only days 1, 2 and the beginning of day 3. This is one of those times where I tried to remember EVERYTHING we did and things people said during the trip. But guess what. That didn't work because I still sit here, and still haven't written about the rest of the trip. Ugh!

As I continue through the rest of this month and the challenge of writing every day, here are some goals I have for myself: finish writing about Disney (yes!), write about the everyday things, keep a list of what I want to write about (that's another problem-being overwhelmed with all of the ideas) , and to NOT WORRY about my writing being perfect. That's it-only 4 goals-all attainable. I know they are. So I will keep writing and writing and writing!

And thanks again, Stacey, for bringing this up as a topic of writing. It is oh-so-good to reflect!


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I am glad that reflecting on the little things has been holding meaning and value to you. I always like reading your writing and look forward to continuing to hear about all of the little AND big things that are happening in your corner of the world.

  2. I want to hear more about Disney...I loved reading about the VIP in your life...blessed is one of my favorite words !