Monday, November 14, 2011

RUN! Don't walk

Day 3-the first part at Hollywood Studios
If you've been following my writing at all, you'll remember I started writing about our trip to Disney a while back. I'm a little behind. I'm really behind. Clearly. I'm trying my best, but let's just say that once school started again, time to write went to the wayside a bit. Day 2 was done a short time ago, and here we are at Day 3!
This day started off at Hollywood Studios. CRAZY Hollywood Studios. Why? you ask? I'm glad you were wondering, too. See we knew we had to get there early because of one ride: Toy Story Mania. It should be called: Toy Story Mania-RUN-to-get-your-FastPass-and-to-get-in-line-ride-and-still-wait-for-45-minutes-even-though-the-park-just-opened ride. Whew! Really, that's what we had to do. Yes, in the end it was worth it. No, our kids didn't really understand the chaos that accompanied going on this ride (twice), which is all that really matters. This ride was a 4-D one...the 4th "D" coming in the form of smells and water spraying as you were on the ride.
C loved it because you got to shoot things at the screens. I rode with my mom the first time we went, and I'm pretty sure we both laughed so hard we were crying. I had a BLAST! I also realized that for how well I thought I did (both times), J always had a higher score. I came off the ride the second time and thought I had beat him and he let me think I had won consoled me with a smirk on his face, letting me know that he had beat me (again!)!
There were other things, too, other than the Toy Story ride. We did Muppets 3-D, saw the Disney Junior Show, tried to get on the Rockin' Roller Coaster (too long of a line) and Tower of Terror, went on the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area,
and in the end, found a party parade where the kids got to dance! Pizza Patrol also made the mix-really good pizza and lots and lots of crane games; fitting!
A big highlight of being at Hollywood Studios was "meeting" Lightning McQueen and Mater. The kids loved it, as you can see, quite literally! 
My favorite food there was per recommendation from my friend, Kaaryn...a cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe. Now this, my friends, was not just any cupcake. I know what you're thinking: cupcake shop cupcakes or Byerly's cupcakes. No. This was a chocolate cupcake with a heap of chocolate frosting on top that was taller than the cake it was on. It was topped with Butterfinger. That was just the outside.
Here's what we didn't know-the inside of the frosting was filled with more frosting. Heavenly. We didn't find this out until 2 days later when we decided we should probably eat it. See we were so full from all of the other food we had eaten that we didn't have room for this delectable treat! At least we know for next time!

This was our only visit to Hollywood Studios. This was our only visit to Hollywood Studios where we went on rides, saw shows and where the kids didn't have meltdowns. We did about everything we could in this one morning. Lots of the things were for older kids and adults, it seemed. Nonetheless, we definitely packed it in!


  1. It looks like it was a memorable trip. It sounds like you had an awesome time.

  2. So many great small moments to remember!

  3. I always like your photos, and this time, loved this: "Toy Story Mania-RUN-to-get-your-FastPass-and-to-get-in-line-ride-and-still-wait-for-45-minutes-even-though-the-park-just-opened ride." You captured the feeling exactly, even though I've enjoyed going, it's always a rush, rush! Glad you had fun!