Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early writing

(Finn McMissile-from Cars 2)
I have a different viewpoint. By this I mean I have the teacher's viewpoint. And by this I mean I have the teacher's viewpoint when it comes to my kids and how they are developing academically. I try not to analyze. It's a pretty hard thing NOT to do, being a primary teacher as they are in kindergarten. But really, I try.
(Twinkle! Twinkle! little star how I wonder what you are)
Most of the analyzing is good! We are (have been) very fortunate to have 2 five year olds who are on track or a little ahead of the curve when it comes to literacy. Reading this you might think, "Sure, she's one of those parents who thinks their child is a genius." Trust me...I'm not. I know those parents. The ones who think their child is absolutely brilliant and "Can't you just challenge them a little bit more? I think they're ready for the next level of books." I'm not that parent.
(Pilgrims lived in the world a long time ago)
Instead I sit in awe at the things my kids bring to me. I simply cannot believe that they already know that much about sounds, letters, words, etc. The notes I am brought in the morning or in the afternoon or even right before bed range from writing about school things (pilgrims was the topic this morning), family things (snuggling) or friends (a list). Every time I am completely astonished at what they know. Of course they come to us with, "How do you spell...?" And what's my answer? "Use the sounds that go with the letters you know!" Only an answer coming from a teacher, right? I mean who would really force their 5 year olds to sound out the words on their own. They're only 5! That would be me. And I think they're better off for it!
(Mom and Dad I hope I get to snuggle you every day)
As a parent you always hope your child succeeds in school. As a teacher who is a parent, you really hope your child succeeds in school. After all, what kind of judgement could come from a teacher's kid being behind? That's probably what I would be most afraid of, being the people pleaser I am. But here I sit, with two 5 year olds that, even in their earliest writing, show much promise for the kind of writers they can be. It's a pretty good feeling to know they love writing, even if it is a short note here and there. Those are sometimes the best!


  1. My daughter isn't even one yet and I already find myself looking at her like a teacher. I constantly have to remind myself that not every read aloud needs to be turned into something more. It's hard to do that... I'm sure it's even harder as they get older, right?

  2. always tell the parents I have that they are their child's best advocate; you, as a teacher, can be one too, every day, all day! I often thought that the teachers I had as parents of one of my students were the most understanding & helpful. Be proud. (I think the notes are awesome & really ahead of the expected.) Terrific writing!

  3. Love the writing! So much voice. My kids had some great teachers along the way. It really taught me just how powerful a teacher can be in a child's life. It also showed me that as the parent, I needed to be the one to make learning fun. I was kind of hard on my oldest daughter academically and it backfired a bit. Mom first, teacher second. :)

  4. Hey Mommy K,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. I enjoyed visiting yours. I was wondering if you could email me an answer to a question? You said that you do a Lucy Calkins method workshop, and publish. How do you publish, I am curious what you have the students do for this process? Thanks again.