Wednesday, November 16, 2011


C is an artist. It's his new favorite thing to do. Well, not so new, but newer. He draws on the littlest piece of paper or the biggest piece of paper-it doesn't matter! I'm always anxious to see what new picture he may have drawn me while he was at school. Today I got home and it was a picture of a "rock n' roll drum, Mommy. And then this is a little guy with a guitar (c-itar, as he says it). Then here are some lightning bolts." Like I said, you never know what it will be! Here are a few of his latest creations...
This one is a map (and as educators, we of course called it a story map). "You see, First we cross the street. Then I ride my bike. After that we go to the dinosaur museum to see the dinosaur bones. And at the end we go to Elliot's house (a friend of his)." Right. Because who wouldn't have thought of that? I think we need to get the kid his own roll of tape.

These next two are currently taped to his door. I love the one about Dinner Club. He's preparing for the next time we have our friends over for dinner. J helped him with the spelling. He loves to clarify with me..."Mommy, imagine that I'm saying it in a real pirate voice." Ok, buddy. I will!

I also love the boys club one. That is not so much drawing as it is writing, but I thought it was great, regardless. It's a good memory to have right now with who his friends are.
I love this boy. He is still so sweet and innocent. I love that he colors. I love that it is the thing that he loves most. There's plenty of time to get into those "boy-boy" things, if you know what I mean. For right now, I'm perfectly content with my buddy who loves to color. And who tells most who ask, that he's going to be an artist when he grows up. Or a race car driver. Or a mountain climber. It depends on the day.

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