Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Star is Born!

You know, "Charlie Brown's Christmas" is one of my favorite Christmas specials. "Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!" I loved watching it as a little kid and still love watching it as an adult. The first weekend in December we had our own Christmas play performance with our kids in it. I guess they weren't actually in it, but they sang back-up, if you will.
A & C have been going to choir at church since the beginning of the school year. We think they like it ok, but I also think A likes it better than C. When we pick them up they are all smiles. They were really excited to sing for us and we couldn't wait to hear them!
Watching your two 5 year olds up in the choir loft is pretty funny. They turn around. They sit when they're supposed to stand. They talk to the person next to them. They put their sweaters over their heads while they should be know, the normal things.
 Can you see C waving to us?! A is turned around, as usual.

Watching your 5 year olds up in the choir loft is also amazing. They sing about getting down on your knees to pray. They sing about being humble (still working a bit on the meaning, but...). They sing about a star being born-the star of wonder. Those are the things that make me the most proud as I sit in the audience, trying to get everything recorded so they can watch it when they're all grown up today.
All smiles after the performance

Anything that gets us back to the true meaning of Christmas does it for me. "A Star is Born!" was it for me that weekend!

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