Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in far!

Merry Christmas!
 From our non-snow covered front step
 to yours
 From our brightly lit tree
 and silly faces
 From our angel in the middle
 the live Nativity
 and our king
 From this Mamma and Papa
 to our "do I have to take another picture?" family
 From me and my wonderful cousins
 to these loving parents
 From these almost-eaten cookies and empty glass of milk
 to zero days left until Christmas
(Don't forget to add the "s" again, Mommy.")
 From, "I got just what I asked for...a remote control race track!"
 to, "OH! My sparkly boots! Thank you, Santa!"
 to, oh my, Santa! Thank you so much!
 From this Mamma and Papa
 to this smiley family,
we hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
were as fun as ours were. 
God Bless us! And you!

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