Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the first day of writing...Santa!

(If you read earlier in the week, you may have read this, to know that I am venturing on a "12 Days of Christmas" writing, inspired by the song. Here is day 1!)

There was Santa! Santa visits are a tradition for us. They were a tradition for me as a kid, too. I don't really remember specific visits, but I do remember sitting on Santa's lap. It was always something I did during the Christmas season and I loved it! Such is the tradition we have started with our kids. Today was our Santa visit for the year. We've found "The Santa" and we just love him! We get a few minutes of him interacting with the kids, asking questions, finding out what they want, giving hugs...all of those important things. They're much more comfortable with him than they were the first time we visited him. Just, well, take a look below...
Santa visit 2011-5 years old
 Santa visit 2010-4 years old
 Santa visit 2009-3 years old
 Santa visit 2008-2 years old...still a bit unsure but warming up slowly to Santa.
 Santa visit 2007-1 year old...this is when they placed the kids on the chair first, got them occupied with a book that played music and lit up. Then Santa came in from the front, talked with them a bit and snuggled up in front. A, always the one to study people, was VERY unsure at this visit. 
Santa visit 2006-5 months old...a visit after taking Christmas pictures that year. This Santa was very cranky and not super interactive. A cried and cried-red faced and shaking. Here she had calmed down a bit. And C, well, he looks as if he might jump out of Santa's arms at any moment!

Santa...the first day of the "12 Days of Christmas-writing style." Look for day 2 tomorrow!

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  1. Someone just told me they wanted to have an old picture of them with Santa & they couldn't find it. How great you have kept them all, & yes, you can see they are becoming much more comfortable. They're all cute, but the new one is really great.