Friday, December 16, 2011

A note from J

Sometimes a mom needs a note like this. Sometimes they come at the perfect time. Sometimes they come out of the blue. Sometimes it really doesn't matter the reason, it's just nice to get an email like this from your husband to help put things in perspective when all you really want to do is pull your hair out.

This is from December 5th, which happened to be a Monday. I know we had a super busy weekend and I don't remember if that morning was chaotic or not. Either way, I had wanted to share it, but mostly for me, so I remember it. I love my husband for the little things!
So I've been thinking about our kids a lot this morning. Why I'm not sure, but here's the gist...

Even though they can have their moments that drive us nuts, they are just the two best little kiddos a guy could ever ask for. Don't you just feel so blessed and lucky to have them? They're smart, funny, caring for others, love things like Christmas, sports, music, coloring, etc.

I feel extra lucky to share it all with you.

That's all, have a great day :)
Sometimes it's the smallest notes that have the biggest impact on a person. Thanks, honey.

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