Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On the sixth day of writing...the nativity

The nativity is an important part of Christmas for us. This is because for us, it's what it is all about. We have 2 nativity scenes in our house. One is for the kids.
This Little People Nativity is one they can move around, act with and tell the story of Jesus' birth. They love making the Wise Men come when Jesus is born. The angel sings. The animals gather around. This nativity is played with on a daily basis!
This nativity is one that my mom gave us for Christmas one year. I love all of the pieces this has. It has moved around from place to place in our house, and this year it is on top of our piano. I like having it in a place where we can see it every day.

The one nativity I remember is this one.
It's at my mom and dad's house. I played with the Baby Jesus all the time, because it comes out of the manger.
I can "feel" it right now-the smoothness of the metal with details still on each piece.

Nativities really have a lot of meaning in our house. I can't imagine having a Christmas without them in our house.

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