Friday, July 16, 2010

We're 4!!

I cannot believe that A & C are 4 years old. It's funny because on their birthday, no matter what birthday it is, I always think about what happened on that day. I remember going to the hospital, being prepped for surgery, going into the operating room and there they were! Well, not that easy, but...precious and little, that's for sure!

Now, they're 4 years old! We celebrated a lot that weekend. Lots and lots of friends came over for a day in the water.We had hot dogs, chips (A's favorite), grapes and...cupcakes!Then it was on to presents. Oh many presents! This was the first time I didn't put on the invite, "Please, no gifts," because at age 4, I figured I couldn't get away with that. They knew what was coming! A willingly greeted everyone with, "Is that my present?" rather than, "Hi! Thanks for coming to my party!"

Then the day of their real birthday arrived... and off we went for breakfast, a walk by Lake Harriet to see the ducks (and to have ice cream), and back to one of my favorite kids' bookstores where they let animals roam free. The kids love chasing the chickens (yes, chickens!) around the store. They love finding the cats, looking at the lizard, tarantula, chinchillas, doves and any other animals they might have around the store.

After a short rest time it was time for the family party to begin. I am so thankful that so many people came to celebrate our kiddos. We are so blessed to have so many people that continue to support us in our journey being parents. One of the people we were so lucky to have at their party was my Uncle Jim. He was in town from Florida and is known around our house as "Florida Jim." The kids liked that he was there, too. A & C played a lot in the backyard while everyone was at our house. Then it was time for cake!If you couldn't tell, M & M's was our theme of turning 4 years old. I did my best to create 2 M & M cakes, per the kids' requests. They turned out pretty good, too! We took the easier way out this year and ordered one of the kids' favorites-pizza! That was the way to next year, hopefully we'll remember! There were many many presents to open-the kids were very lucky! Thank you so much for everything the kids received-they are constantly playing with everything they got!

We still cannot believe that our kids are 4 years old. I didn't believe it until I was a parent myself, but the time really does go fast. It might not seem like it in the moment, but as the moments pass altogether, time goes crazy fast. Love you so much, A & C!

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