Monday, July 26, 2010

Cousin Liam

This week C & A's cousin Liam is staying with Mamma and Papa! The kids are so excited to see him this week. This morning C & I had an exchange about seeing Liam this week:
C: "Mommy! Guess who we get to see this week?"

me: "Who?"

C: "This guy."(pointing to Liam's picture on our wall) This was said with a tone I can hardly convey with typing. It wasn't something I thought would come from C, so it was pretty funny!

The kids played with Liam today at a little park and wading pool close to our house. Then they came back to our house for more water fun outside! Luckily they have places to go to cool off because it is supposed to be H-O-T tomorrow!

We're so happy you're visiting this week, Cousin Liam!

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