Monday, July 19, 2010

Doctor Visit Today

I remember when this is what they looked like at the doctor at age 6 months...
Now they're 4 and we went for their 4 year check up with Dr. Brandt. Our kids love Dr. Brandt. They pretend to be her when they are pretending with their doctor sets. They'll put on the stethoscope and say, "I'm Doctor Brandt!" She is so caring and gentle with our kids and has had the same demeanor with them since they were babies. She also has twins, which was one of our reasons for choosing her from the practice that she is with.

Here are the stats:

C...height 42 7/8 inches-about the 90th percentile, weight 43 pounds-in the 95th percentile

A...height 43 3/8 inches-about the 80th percentile, weight 36 pounds-in the 70th percentile
Again, it goes to stand that C continues to have a few pounds on A, which has been about par for the course since they were 6 months or so. Dr. Brandt said they're doing great!

The kids hammed it up for Dr. Brandt to no end. Thy were getting all of their sillies out right in front of her, that's for sure! They showed off and did all sorts of tricks for her. I'm pretty sure C has a crush on her...he looks at her with those eyes.

The kids did get one shot today. They get 3 next year to get ready for school, so we got the chicken pox one out of the way today. C went first and was really brave. But, that's about all that A had to see and then she was in complete hysterics! She was crying so hard, face so red, and this was even before the lab tech was by A. She stopped crying immediately after they gave her the shot (funny). They both did great, though! All in all, it was a great visit, coming away knowing that both kids are on track for their development at age 4. We are so very blessed!

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