Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Right after school got out the kids spent a week of mornings at our church for VBS or Vacation Bible School. They did it last year when they were two, but they didn't do all of the things the "big kids" did. And, they don't remember it at all. So this year was a lot of fun because it seemed to be new to them. Their friend Connor came with too, which made it even better, especially for C.C, A and Connor had a great time at VBS! They were always all smiles when we picked them up!
A & C had 2 great group leaders-Ashley and Sydney. It's kind of cute because A always says "Cindy" for Sydney. She would start talking about something they did that day and would be talking about Cindy. It wasn't until the third day that we finally figured out she was talking about Sydney. Funny!
The last day of VBS ended with a family evening back at church. It started out by singing a lot of the songs they learned during the week. Needless to say, I now know all of them because we bought the CD. It's on in our car all the time! I guess there are worse things to hear over and over again! Then we participated in a service project of making blankets for families that come to the church for various things. At first we thought this would be an impossible task for our kiddos, but as it turned out, with the right scissors and lots of patience, we were actually able to do it!
The tying part was a little tricky, but watching meant just as much!

The working scissors...Thanks for helping, C! We had a great meal afterwards which was much appreciated. I'm sure the kids will love to go again next year.

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