Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July

So I'm doing things a little backwards. Posting about the 4th of July now instead of before other events. Oh well. Sometimes I just can't keep up!The 4th was a great weekend. We had been at the lake for a whole week, and ended it with family and friends, which is always a good way to end! J's family was with us for the 3rd and the 4th. We did lots of swimming and had a lot of outdoor time since it was so nice out!The 4th was a fun day and the kids had a great time. They watched the boat parade for the first time. A wanted to be in the parade, but quickly got over that as she realized she would be watching it with her cabin friends Matt, David and Erin. There were some really interesting boats in the parade this year!Another big event that happened was that C went tubing for the first time! J went with him first and he did great! He was loving when he could splash J and grinned ear to ear the whole time (or at least once he realized it was fun and not too scary).The night of the 4th was another first for the kids because they were able to stay up for the fireworks. This was the first time we had let them stay up and they had a blast! First we had to get covered, head to toe, in bug spray. After we were set with that, then we went to our neighbors' (and good friends) Scott and Kristin's to try sparklers for the first time. I was a little nervous, but they did just fine with them!After sparklers we went on the pontoon to find a prime spot for fireworks. On our lake there are no "official" fireworks, but many people shoot their own off. So everyone goes to the middle of the lake to watch the fireworks on the boat. It's great! We ended up anchoring with 2 other boats of friends on the lake. There ended up being about 10 kids on one pontoon, shoving puppy chow into their mouths faster than what seemed possible. The fireworks were great-not too big, so the BOOM wasn't too loud for the kids-and enjoyable for everyone. 11:15 was the ultimate bedtime for these (then) 3 year olds.
It's always nice to have family around for holiday weekends or holiday days. I love being with any family whether it is my family or J's family during those times. There is something to be said for being together!

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