Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridges and Ships and Rocks, Oh My!

Earlier in the summer we were lucky enough to take the kids to Duluth for a night. We love Duluth! I grew up going with my parents almost every summer-or so it seemed to me. It is one of my very favorite places to visit that is "close" to home. We had many adventures within the 24 hours we were there.
We watched ships come in and out of the harbor.
We walked to the end of the pier and saw the lighthouse. We walked across the Lift-Bridge, which C just loved! He thought it was pretty neat that he could be right "in the middle of the water" as we made our way across. We went to Grandma's restaurant to eat (twice!). We walked to the Portland Malt Shoppe-my favorite-and the kids actually made it! It was a long walk, but the end was well worth it. Waiting patiently for their ice cream...On the way back, however, they were not too thrilled with the fact that they had to walk all the way back to the hotel.
We stopped to throw rocks on our way to and from the malt shop.
Some of my favorites...
C chased seagulls all around in Canal Park. A wanted nothing to do with them after I told them the story about a seagull who "left their mark" on me one time. She thought all of the seagulls would do the same to her!
We rented a bike and rode up and down the Lakewalk. The kids were louder than any kids we saw in bikes those 2 days! They loved riding in the front of the bike. We roasted marsh mellows at our hotel, which was another highlight for the kids. They love 'smores, so any chance they have to make them, they take it! The kids entertained me by going shopping in the morning (thanks!), but I moved much faster just because they were with. It was a good thing! I didn't spend as much money!
We met the horses that take people on the carriage rides by the lake. A's favorite was Tommy Twinkle Toes. We thought we should name her (A) Twinkle Toes!
But, if you were to ask our kids what their favorite part of the trip was, this is what they would say (both of them):
My favorite thing was the swimming pool. My next favorite thing was the big bed. Then, as prompted by me or J-What about something other than the hotel? Then they said throwing rocks into the lake (A) and watching the ships come in and out of the bridge (C).
This was their first time staying in a hotel (that they remember) with their own beds. They really could have cared less that there were other things to do in Duluth. So, note to self-the hotel alone is a huge treat for our kids!
Thanks, Mom & Dad, for helping us to make this trip happen! We love that we have been able to bring them to this beautiful place by this beautiful lake. It is hard to believe our kids are old enough that we are able to share an experience like this as a family, and that they remember and understand what we're doing and what we've done! I can't wait for more trips-big or small-to come!

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