Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

9 years-a long time, right?! I think so too! 9 years ago I was lucky enough to marry my honey and "high school sweetheart," J. We have been together for half of my life-having been together for 16 years (this October, but I figure I can round up, right?)! Crazy! Good crazy that is.
Tonight we went here...
for the first time. It was great! J and I love to try new restaurants and he picked this one. Great job, honey! We loved it! I love that we go new places together. It's probably one of my favorite things to do with J. We shared an appetizer (spicy sausage pizza) and a dinner (cracker crusted walleye). Then our server brought us one of his favorite desserts (banana cake) in honor of our day. It was so thoughtful! After dinner we went to Sebastian Joe's for more dessert (Oreo and Nicollet pot hole ice cream). It was great!

When we got home, we exchanged gifts. Yes, we still do of those things we like doing for each other. J got me flowers (the usual), which I love and appreciate. But then we saw this sitting in front of us:

Yes, you are seeing the same thing on the table! It was the first time EVER that we had given each other the same gift! Guys...prepare yourself...I gave J a gift card for a massage. Something he's wanted to do for a while (I think!). And he gave me a gift for a facial and a pedicure-2 of my favorite things! We couldn't believe we got each other the same thing! I guess that's what happens when you've been married for a while!

As we sat tonight and thought about what we had done in past years on our anniversary, we thought about most of the years, but not all. So my recommendation would be...write down what you do on your anniversary, even if it's nothing! Because, often they blend together like ours have started to! This is what we came up with:
9th-today-I just wrote about it!
8th-dinner at Stella's, dessert at Zeno, movie
7th-can't remember right now
6th-trip to Duluth and then to a friend's cabin
5th-in the hospital with the kids! They were 3 days old.
4th-stayed at the St. Paul Hotel, dinner at W. A. Frost
3rd & 2nd-we can't remember these...I have to look back at pictures to see what we did!
1st-stayed downtown and went a few different places

So, those are my thoughts for tonight. I am so blessed to have been married for 9 years to the man I love with all my heart. Thank you for picking me, J. I love you.


  1. Congratulations on 9yrs!!! That is so wonderful! You guys are an amazing couple and you can tell how much you love each other and how much you love Anna and Charlie. That is so funny that you got each other the same thing. I guess great minds think alike.