Tuesday, February 28, 2012


or lack thereof. Today we were supposed to get a really big snow storm. Last week the forecast called for up to 12 inches of snow. Today, we're getting about 1 inch. Seriously. Ironically, we had a writing cohort meeting last week and the writing prompt given to the group was about snow. It came from the book Driftless (now on my "to read" list) and was about an in-depth description about the snow as it fell on the farm. Our job after that was to write for 5 minutes, being inspired by what we heard. Here is what I wrote:

     When you have little ones, even the littlest amount of snow makes a huge difference. Half an inch of snow to 1 foot of snow-it doesn't really matter. Snowmen are immediately asked for. Sometimes delivered, sometimes not-you know, it depends on the stickiness of it. Snowmen families end up in our front yard. A makes sure there are hats for all. Scarves too. We take food from the fridge and the candy jar to make the face as best as we can. And then, it melts. Almost as quickly as we've created it, it seems, the snow melts away, leaving hats lying on the ground. Leaving treats and snacks for the squirrels. Leaving the kids wondering what happened to their family. But all the while knowing they'll be back again some other winter day.

Writing prompts are funny things. Not funny ha-ha, but funny, ironic. I don't always have something to write about but the days I do, I'm off and going. On this day I could have gone a different way with my writing-about how much I dislike snow. Somehow dislikes are always seen differently when there are kids around!

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