Friday, February 24, 2012


If you know me, you know I like to organize. Sort of. Before kids I used to be much more organized. Now I'm  organized with them and their things, but our things have kind of taken a back seat. Yes, I know where my important things are. Yes, I know when we're supposed to be where. Yes, my house is still picked up. But not like I would like it to be. I'm currently in the middle of an organizing project "in back" by the laundry area. That's a week in progress with not much new progress being made. But, look at this progress:

C's room
A's room
the basement
Yes, we're getting a bit more organized around here and it's only February. That's what happens when it feels like spring. We get that "spring cleaning bug" a little earlier. Last year I'm pretty sure it was May. But I'm not complaining. We like that it feels like spring around here. I like feeling settled. It's that whole act of purging things and getting them out of the house/garage. I just wish it wasn't an ongoing process. You know? Don't you wish you could just be "done" organizing? I've come to the conclusion that just won't happen. Oh well, though, right? Organizing can be fun...or at least that's something I keep telling myself. All I know is that I'm sure J wishes I would stop because usually organizing means buying something new to keep the things contained. Like this new bench for our living room:

Now, what to use to organize our bedroom...

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