Monday, February 6, 2012

Dance! Dance! Dance!

"Mom, is the Valentine Dance in the afternoon?"
"Well, no, not really. You'll come home first."
"Oh good. Then I can change into my Valentine clothes."
A girl after my own heart.
If you know much about me you'll know that I love doing things with my kids. Especially things related to holidays. Friday the kids had a dance at school. Not just a dance but a Valentine Dance. Excitement was all about our house that afternoon as the kids got ready in their Valentine clothes.
There's something about being with your kids and their friends. Especially when they're only 5 years old. Kids are always so apprehensive at first. They're not too sure about coming into a situation where they're just a bit uncomfortable. It didn't take long though. After filling our bellies with some wonderful hot dogs (ahem), Cheetos and a cookie we were ready for some dancing.
And dance we they did!
With friends from last year.
And friends from this year.
They are so lucky at age 5 to have a school that supports kids the way they do in the academic ways but just as importantly, in the FUN ways too!


  1. The pics are nice & all the kids look so happy. I laughed though at that cute pic of your son with the tongue out- so real & funny. Glad they had a nice time.

  2. It looks like there was lots of joy spread about! Love all the pics and happy faces :)