Sunday, February 19, 2012

Basketball for all!

Sometimes it's hard to decide what activities to put your kids in. Sometimes it's a little tricky when you have twins. Sometimes you think, "Well, one is in it, might as well put the other one in it." Such is the case with basketball this year. C tried it out last year and loved every minute of it. Sometimes it took a while to get the hang of sharing the ball with others but this year is a different story.
There's a confidence about him. He is making baskets granny-style like a regular basketball player would. He's learning to pass the ball and look around. It's still a bit tough, though, because they can't steal the ball or block shots. C will definitely be ready for the next level next year!
A is having a great time, too. Of course her favorite is the snack at the end of the game. Whenever she's not by her brother she really tries her best. She likes the girls on her team, too. Sophie wears sparkle shoes while she plays. She also wears eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. A was sure to point that out to me after this first game.
The Bulldogs love playing. I love the ease for which they play. Nothing is high-stakes. That's how it should be now. I know that all-to-soon the stakes will be higher and the pressure will come. It's so different from how it was when we played. I just hope they remember the biggest, most important rule...

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