Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bird feeder or Squirrel feeder?

Well, after working on my paper for a bit this afternoon, I took a break after dinner and J & I and the kids made some bird feeders. I know-a little random, right? Well we had seen these at my cousin Jen's house earlier this winter, and the kids really liked seeing the birds. So, as I was taking down my outdoor winter pots, I took out the pine cones that were tucked inside them. I have saved them for the past few months with the thought that we would turn them into bird feeders!

So, we covered them in peanut butter and then with birdseed and wrapped some wire around them. We had to find the perfect spot to hang them where squirrels couldn't get to them. So, there is one part of a tree that was the only spot we could actually reach-that's where they ended up going! We definitely had fun putting them together! But, the best part was watching a squirrel trying to get to them once we had them hung in the tree.

We sat inside while the squirrel ran across the branch and almost went down the skinny wire to get to the pine cones. Then the squirrel went down the tree and sat underneath the pine cones, just waiting for something do drop! Ha ha squirrel! Is it bad that my kids feel the same way about squirrels? I think it's because I talk about how they dig in the garden and dig up my flowers. Oh well!

So, here's to hoping that the birds actually find our feeder and that we can watch the birds! So far tonight we didn't have any visitors-maybe tomorrow!

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  1. What a fun idea Kim! Hope you get some bird visitors, and good luck with the paper you have been working on.