Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do we get a new toothbrush?

Ok, those of you who know A, this question is for you. Well, not the title, but this one: How many questions did A ask while we were at the dentist today? No idea? Me either-that's because I stopped counting. Yup! It was the kids' first trip to the dentist today and they did GREAT! I thought I was going to have my appointment first so the kids could watch, and then the kids would have theirs afterwards so I could be there if they needed me. Well, they had us all scheduled at the same time, so we were in 3 chairs (all of the chairs there), with Mamma Jo taking pictures of everything.
I love my rain boots. I'm always a guy who's prepared for anything! I also had my Cars umbrella with, just in case of a heavy downpour (it was sunny by the time we left the dentist!).
I have to say, I was a little nervous to be there with the kids, not knowing how things were going to turn out. Also, we hadn't read any books about what would happen at the dentist. I had talked to them about getting their teeth counted, having their teeth cleaned and I think that was about it. So when they brought us back and I went to my chair and C went to his, I was a little worried about what would happen. Well, nothing to be worried about! A got to watch us first while she waited for a bit, but she did great too, once she was in her chair!
Dr. Sara and the hygienists couldn't have been better with the kids. I could hear them talking to A & C about the tooth vitamins (fluoride) and the cool sunglasses they got to wear so the lights weren't so bright in their eyes. They gave them rides in the chairs when they first sat down and made a big deal about how sparkling and shiny their teeth were when they were done with the toothpaste. A chose bubble gum for her toothpaste, but I don't know what kind C chose. Funny because I remember picking chocolate for my kind when I was a kid (are you surprised?)!The kids each got to pick a prize out of the prize box when they were done. A picked a pet fish to bring home to put next to Nemo's fish tank. C picked a bendable tooth fairy. They were such big kids today! I am so proud of them and can only hope that the rest of the visits to the dentist go as well as it did today. Thanks Dr. Sara!

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