Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love Naptime Treasures!

It's true...I do! I just had Katie here from Naptime Treasures. She is amazing! She makes bags of all sorts: beach bags, school bags (for teachers like me!), diaper bags, little bags, big bags, Tea Party bags, kid bags...the list goes on and on! Just see for yourself!
See what I mean?! Her bags are great because she does so many with oil cloth. She also does some canvas bags, so there is a good variety.

This is one of her new things she's just started-embroidering clothing. She does almost anything! You can even pick out the shirt and bring it to her for embroidery. It's great!

And then there are her aprons. Too cute! This ruffle style at the bottom is something new she just started doing. She can do any ribbon, any fabric, and even does pockets in the front with names or initials.
This last picture is an assortment of little things she does. Shown are sandwich bags, snack bags, place mats with chalk writing on one side-oil cloth on the other side; again, just an assortment.

She is one of the most creative people I've met! I first had her bibs when A & C were born. I received them as a gift, and didn't know who she was. Then, her husband became my school's principal, and I see her more often now! It's great! Thanks, Katie, for a wonderful night!

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