Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A had her first ballet class today! She was so excited about going. She loves everything "dance" and especially loves ballet. It started out (I think) with Zoe from Sesame Street, because she is always dancing and wearing her ballet shoes. A has a tutu we got her for her 2nd birthday and she has really started wearing it around and dancing/pretending. So I decided to sign her up for a community ed ballet class to see how she likes it.
It's always a tricky thing to start picking activities for your kids to do. I know she loves dance, so that helped a little bit, but it's always so tricky because you don't want to push them into something they don't like. Hopefully she'll still like it after these classes.She was pretty cute when I got home from work. We quickly changed into all pink and she said, "Mommy, will I be able to dance on a stage?" Well...not exactly! We were on our way! She did great and went right in with the other girls in her class. I think there were about 10 girls with a teacher and an aid. She came out all smiles once the class was done! Funny thing is though, she didn't really talk about it much when she got home.
We walked in the door and right away C said, "A how was your ballet class?" "Good," she said. That was about it! She wanted to keep wearing her pink outfit for the rest of the night. Hopefully she'll be ready again next week!

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  1. Precious! hope the dance classes continue to go well for you guys :)