Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Time!

So Easter has come and gone; very quickly I might add! We had a fun, and very tiring (for Mom & Dad!) day. It was such a nice day, too!

This Easter was very fun in the fact that A & C understood (in their 3-year-old minds) what happened to Jesus. In the weeks leading up to Easter, they would come home saying things like, "There was a parade for Jesus! They waved leaves!" or "Jesus died on the cross for us. He forgives our sins." What they really understand is something only they know, but it seems to me that they understand the jest of what Easter is about.
The morning started with an egg hunt, of course. The bunny visited and left individual baskets for the kids as well as a basket for the 2 of them. Chutes and Ladders is now a fun family favorite thanks to my Aunt Jean and the Easter Bunny. Who knew Target wouldn't have had the game until now, and I'd been waiting since Christmas?! Anyway, the hunt around the house was fun. The Easter Bunny learned an important lesson: Do not really HIDE the eggs. 3 year olds are not that good at looking under things or behind things. Note to Easter Bunny for next year! Funny...
After egg hunting, I wanted to take a few pictures of the kids before heading off to church. You never know what kinds of pictures you'll get after church and moving from place to place. They sat so nice for me, too! The hat that A is wearing was mine when I was little. My mom re-did the ribbon on the hat to match her dress. Isn't it too much? Thanks, Mom!
Church was great. Usually the kids are in Sunday School, but since there wasn't any for Easter, they were in the "Big Church" with us. A was tickled with that fact. She so longs to be in the Big Church every Sunday, and this was her chance! They did great, too. Lightning McQueen came up with C for the children's message. He proceeded to race on the kneeling railings, at which point I was wondering why I let him bring it up. Oh well! The message was great..at least the bits and pieces I was able to really listen to. Next...off to Mamma Jo & Papa Kevin's!
More pictures by Mommy. I just can't resist. There was lots of playing happening here. We did egg hunts, played cars, and ate lots of food. We saw great aunts & uncles and cousins-some of our favorite playmates. The kids were definitely spoiled there. Many eggs to be opened and lots of candy to be eaten!
Playing Cars with Papa

Mamma Jo & Papa Kevin

Look at the bunny cake we made!

After one Mamma and Papa's, it was off to the next! We went to Mamma Sue & Big Papa's for another egg hunt and more food. We had lots of fun seeing Aunt Denise & Uncle Dan and other family we don't see very often. C even tried green bean casserole!

Who, me? I'm not trying to eat any candy!
Mamma Sue & Big Papa after our egg hunt
C getting the best of Uncle Dan
We are truly blessed to have so much family so very close to us. We are thankful to have a day like Easter where we can remember what Jesus did for us. We are very very lucky!

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