Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kids Fun Run

Mother's Day=Race for the Cure!
Today was the first time we took the kids to the MOA for the Kids' Race for the Cure 1K race. They had a great time! It was a pretty cool day, considering the kind of weather we had been having until it turned May (thank you very little). So, off we went, bundled in hats (on May 8th??) and coats, ready to run. C had been practicing, saying, "I'm gonna win the race!" Well, he came very close! Here comes C!
J went to run with the kids around the little loop there was for them to run around. C took off, with A close behind. J did a great job of keeping A in his sights...just in case she took a tumble. Honestly, I think C was about third coming across the finish line. He keeps saying, "Mommy! I won the race!" because he was the only kid to actually touch the flag line they had up as the finish line. So I just keep answering him with a "Yup buddy, you did great!"
I did it, Mommy!The kids got ice cream and yogurt after they got their "medals." C ate his ice cream first, while A had her yogurt first. A little surprising, yes-but A eventually ate her ice cream, dripping all over the place as is par for the course with her!We'll be back again tomorrow for the "real" race. It's a great day because this year will mark Mom's 5 year survival date-a HUGE accomplishment for a cancer survivor. So, we'll just keep praying that things keep going the way they have. Oh-and Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's reading the long time moms, new moms, and everyone in-between. Happy Day!

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