Saturday, May 8, 2010

Things Kids Say

I had started a post like this a while back, but never posted it because I thought I would come back to it. Well, today there were a few more cute things the kids said, so I thought I would finally write this post and actually publish it...

Gigantic is pronounced "Giantic"

Infinity (as in "To infinity and beyond!") is pronounced "Infibity"

In a conversation between J & C about stools, this is kind of what happened...

J: Hey buddy. I don't think you should be jumping off stools like that.

C: But daddy, it's not like its a high stool or anything. It's not even a medium stool. It's just a short stool.

In a conversation I had with C today:

Me: Will you always be my buddy?

C: Yup.

...a little while later...

C: Will you always be my mommy?

Me: Of course I will always be your mommy.

As the kids are trying to fall asleep last night...talking about "Calnifornia" from the movie "Cars."

A: Daddy, can we go to Calnifornia? Please?

J: No, we cannot go to California.

A: But I really really want to go! Can't we go tomorrow, please??!!

J: No, we have to get on an airplane to get to California. It's a long ways away.

A: Oh, can we go another day?

These are just a few things the kids have been saying lately. I'm sure there are many more during the day that I forget, but sometimes they're just so funny, I actually remember them and have to write them down! Too funny!

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