Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ballet Recital

A had her first ballet performance yesterday and she did great! We did Community Ed. ballet this spring just to try it out. She seems to have liked it, but we can't quite tell if she loves it. She never comes home doing the things they've learned in class, but she's all smiles when she is in class and when she comes out. We'll see...But yesterday they did a spring performance with all of the Community Ed. ballet classes. Her class did a dance where they were mice and had to stay away from a cat. It was really cute and she did pretty well!

The Mammas and the Papas came to see her too. Thanks for coming! C even did a great job sitting through the dances!
It was one of those mornings where I'll look back and go, "Remember the first time you had a dance performance and you were a mouse?" It's hard to believe those moments are already happening for our little girl!

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