Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple Time!

It's that time around here. Apples abound! About 4 weeks early at that. Some years are like that, I suppose!
We made our way to one of our favorite orchards the other weekend.
Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the only orchard I've ever been to. It's a small one. Cozy. Not a lot of frills.
Not a lot of extras. No, "Better bring more money because the hayride is this much and the corn maze is this much and the bouncy house is this much." Nope. Just apples. 

And a little hay.
But mostly apples.
Really, the apples were almost gone! Usually the orchard has about 15 different types of apples. When we were there 2 weeks ago there were only 3 left to pick off the trees. The rest of them had all been picked (in the beginning of AUGUST!). Who wants to go to the orchard in the beginning of August? It's still summer! But now we know. We still ended up with baskets filled and heavy at that!
Either way, we had a great time. We found some Honey Crisp apples which is one of our favorites.
It was really fun watching the kids this year because they could actually reach some of the apples.
Of course some of the best ones were up high...thank goodness Daddy was with!
Upon leaving the orchard J and I realized we hadn't been to the orchard last year.
The kids didn't remember going as a family. So we're really glad we made a point to go this year. And the best part is...I made my first apple crisp, with success!

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