Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pool Time

We had a lot of pool time around these parts this summer. Boy did we ever! J and I weren't quite sure about getting a pool pass at the beginning of the season, but I can tell you that we will be back and do it summer after summer after summer. See, our kids turned into fish. Fish with goggles. 
There was going down the slide. There was swimming in the shallow end. There was swimming in the "baby" pool-which secretly I'm sure the kids still love because of the water spraying everywhere. There were snacks eaten. Sunscreen was applied...and applied...and applied again (with no burns, might I add!). Friends swam with us too!
And swam they did! By the end of the summer the kids and their friends had all passed the swim test, no doubt due to the fact that we were at the pool 2-4 times a week. Passing the swim test means they all got to jump off the diving boards by about the middle of the summer. Hooray! That was their new favorite for the second half of the summer.
The deep end is where you found our fish kids. No more going where we can touch. They were all about the diving boards, doing flips under the water, jumping off the sides...all things to be done in the deep end.
Yes, our summer was spent at the pool. That is when the kids weren't at camp, church or the cabin. The pool was definitely a highlight for everyone. When asked what their favorite part of summer was, the pool is usually their answer. And that is the best answer to give with so many good memories made together!

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