Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Friend

Sometimes people say friends come and go. Or at least I've heard it said. I'm not sure who said it, but I believe them. Sometimes. But sometimes friends are here to stay. Those are the best kinds of friends.

Tonight I saw one of those friends. She's the kind of friend who will be there always. Like forever. And ever. She'll never go anywhere no matter what happens. She knows everything there is to know about me. Inside and out. I can't lie to her. She can't lie to me. Ever since we connected things have been like this. Starting in middle school, through high school, college, and now into adulthood (never thought I'd use that word), things are the same. Do you have that kind of a friend? Everyone should.

There have been times where we would see each other almost daily or talk on the phone for an hour or two, even after having just been together. And then there are times when we've gone many weeks between talking or seeing each other. Sometimes even months-life happens! But she's that forever friend. The stand by you friend. The I like to hear the good and the bad in life friend. The kind of friend everyone needs.

As an adult-and as an adult with kids-and as an adult with kids who is starting to meet my own kids' friends and their families, sometimes I feel lost. Like I'm stuck. Which way do I go as an adult making new friends? It's weird. To try and make new friends as an adult. But I've realized we're kind of forced to do so. I can't take my high school or college friends with me wherever I go. They can't live right next to me. Their kids can't go to the same school as our kids (although that would be neat!). I have to branch out. And sometimes I feel stuck. Are there other people like me who would want to be my friend? What if we don't get along? I almost feel like I'm back in high school. I try to put on a good face and try my best at making it work. But it's hard! And then I see a forever friend.

Like tonight. Where I can be myself. Ask those personal questions-make sure she's ok, her family is doing well, work is going ok (we didn't even talk about that tonight!)-and just be friends. There's nothing I have to impress her, and the feeling is mutual. We can be ourselves. I can love on her kids and she on mine. And it's easy. I love my forever friends, and nights like this are nights I wish to have much more often.

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